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PT. Arya Mandiri Bina Cemerlang

Toujours La Pour Moi

"which means always there for me is not just a slogan." 5aSec Indonesia provides a wide range of quality service for textile care and treatment.

5asec Laundry and Dry Cleaning was founded in France 1968 by Mr. Roger Chavanon.
Responding to the needs of his clientele, 5aSec grew rapidly in France. Soon after the company
was acquired by the ING Parcom which enabled 5aSec International to expand globally through
a franchising system in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Egypt, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain, Venezuela,
Indonesia and many more. Unlike other dry cleaners in Indonesia, every 5aSec shop is equipped with
state of machinery and very able professional team to high quality results.


Laundry is a cleaning method with a machine that uses water to remove stains and smells. This method needs more time in processing the clothes, because after the process we need to dry the clothes first then we can press the clothes. The fabric that can be processed with laundry are cotton, polyester, jeans etc. The process itself requires maximum 1 day

Dry Cleaning

You have a limit time to an important event, but your special clothes getting rumpled. You don't have to worry, because 5aSec solve you with their press service. Just give to our counter and your clothes will look sleek in a zip time

Linen Care

5aSec will handle your delicate linen with care such as bed sheet, pillow case, bolster, blanket, towel, napkin, table cloth,etc. Because 5aSec cares for your hygiene, we will process your linen separately from your other garment with special washing machine for Linen. The process itsel requires 2 days.

Jl. Teuku Umar 7 A-F Medan Tel. (061) 4150 888
Jl. Thamrin 69 A2 Medan Tel (061) 4567 076
Komp. Tasbi Blok C (Super Market) Medan Tel. (061) 820 1202
Komp. Citra Wisata Blok III No. 25 Medan Tel. (061) 787 9768
Jl. Sutomo Ujung No. 38E Ruko Sutomo Business Center Tel. (061) 6611 891
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